What is Adobe Photoshop CC vs Photoshop?

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Microsoft Office 365 - A Complete Guide

What is Adobe Photoshop CC vs Photoshop?

Since its launch, Adobe Photoshop has been the most popular photo editing solution. With the passage of time, we have used a lot of modified and updated versions of this software. However, if you have never used this software before, you may be wondering whether you should go for Adobe Photoshop CC or the regular Adobe Photoshop. I

If you have this question on your mind, you may be looking for help to make the choice. In this article, we are going to find out the difference between the two. In this Adobe Photoshop CC vs Photoshop review, you will get to know a lot about the difference between the two tools. Without further ado, let’s check out the primary differentiating points between these two.

Differences Between Photoshop vs Photoshop CC


Adobe Photoshop is the most basic tools if you are looking for a simple photo editing software. It is easy to use as it comes with basic features that even a beginner can use. So, if you are just a beginner, you may want to try out this one first. Once you have gained some experience, you can go for the upgraded ones.

Adobe Photoshop CC is the upgraded version of the software. It has a lot of improved features that allow you to get the most out of the advanced features. So, if you have a lot of experience with advanced editing, you should go for this tool.


The regular Adobe Photoshop is not available to purchase anymore, but you can use it if you already have a copy of it. Alternatively, you can get it from a friend or get it on a DVD. Basically, this software is an ideal choice for those who are looking to get started with this photo editing solution.

Adobe Photoshop CC is much more popular than the earlier versions of the app. The reason is that it has all the advanced tools and features that professionals require. So, if you are a professional artist or editor, the basic versions may not be enough for you, and you should get this version instead.


Adobe Photoshop is available in a lot of versions. So, this is one of the main differences that draw a line between many of the solutions. The most recent version is known as CS6.

And then we have Photoshop CC branding. The latest version of this is CC 2020.


  • One of the most common features is called Smart Objects.
  • It comes with basic tools, such as simple editing, pencil tool, eraser, move tool and quick selection, to name a few.
  • For a layer, it allows you to use only one shadow style
  • The Freeform Pen tool allows users to draw paths easily
  • Adobe Photoshop has basic brush tool


  • Adobe Photoshop CC has a lot of shadow styles for layers
  • It comes with a lot of upgraded tools, such as Camera Raw, Intelligent Up sampling, and shake reduction
  • Photoshop CC comes with an illustrator-like pen tool that allows you quick form Bezier paths.
  • Photoshop CC is compatible with over 1000 brushes.
  • It supports Smart Objects and 3D printing


You can get Photoshop by making a one-time payment.

On the other hand, Photoshop comes with a monthly subscription plan. You can also pay for the whole year by choosing the annual plan.

Other differences

Both the software are quite popular among users. Listed below are the major points that differentiates between the two.

Photoshop CC can’t be used unless you have chosen a subscription plan. After the bill is overdue, you may have to pay a cancellation fee as well. On the other hand, Photoshop can be used without any monthly or annual subscription fee once you have made a one-time payment.

Unlike Photoshop CC, Photoshop features a simple workspace that doesn’t offer a lot of features that make your work more efficient.

Photoshop can’t allow you to apply a lot of copy-paste layers or shadow styles. On the other hand, Photoshop CC has all of the capabilities.

Photoshop is a simple, classic solution. Therefore, all designers are quite familiar with this tool. But Photoshop CC is a new solution, which makes it a bit time consuming for new users to get the hang of it.

Photoshop doesn’t allow you to share your photos on social media, while Photoshop CC does allow you to share your 3D designs, artwork and graphics with your friends on social media platforms.

Photoshop CC is simple to learn for beginners or those with little to no experience in the field of editing. But Photoshop CC needs to be learnt. So, you need to spend some time in understanding the tools.

Photoshop CC is upgraded with a lot of new tools. Plus, the old tools have also received an upgrade. In other words, the new release features Adobe stock, 360 photo workflow, and a lot better arrangement of the brush. On the other hand, Photoshop has a limited number of tools.

Photoshop CC is a basic solution that has all the basic editing tools. The primary tools include image wrapping and Vanishing point. Using these tools, you can change, edit anda paint your photos while maintaining the image perspective. On the other hand, Photoshop CC has better versions of all these tools.

Photoshop CC allows you to use the Lightroom photos. You can choose and edit any of these photos. After editing, they will be saved in the lab automatically. You can’t enjoy this freedom with the basic version of the solution.

Photoshop CC can help you apply uniform strokes with the brush and draw crystal lines. It’s possible to control the pencil, eraser or brush smoothness on a scale of 1 to 100. But with Photoshop, you don’t have this feature to use.

So, these are some differences between Photoshop vs Photoshop CC. If you want to get the most out of this solution, we suggest that go for Photoshop CC. Although it’s a paid version, it is worth the monthly subscription fee.