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Is it Worth Getting Microsoft Windows 10 Pro?

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There was nothing to worry about windows 7 and people who are planning to upgrade windows 7 to windows 10; they are in a chaotic situation either they should go for this or not. In this blog, we are going to share some exciting and useful things to assure you that your decision is not going to disappoint you.

Windows 10 has come up with several features from its initial release in 2015. No need to purchase its updates again and again. Here we are going to illustrate its elements that have made the windows 10 advanced with the most straightforward user experience. You will find out the similarity in features of windows 8.1 & 10, but this version of the window has raised the standard with simple experience.

Action Center

You have come across daily with notification of updates, breaking news, and apps notification, but what about your system? So windows situations pro has the same.  How many of you remembered the notification feature in window 7 that was for a short period and didn’t provide much interaction. Windows 10 bounced back with the smart features like the action center to keep you notified.

Security Updates

Windows 10 pro has advanced security features to make it even more secure. It has three security features is. Device Guard, Microsoft Passport, & windows Hello. Recently Microsoft has added ransomware protection as well to keep your sensitive record protected. Windows Pro 10 also comes up with Enterprise data protection for multiple Windows 10 PCs on the local network to control how Pcs interact.

The latest version of Microsoft Edge

Internet explorer has vanished completely, and Microsoft edge has modernized the browsing experience to improve compatibility and speed. Do you know Microsoft edge is being replaced with chromium browsing experience? It will enhance the browsing experience and enhance website compatibility.

Improvement in color personalization

Windows were known for dark mode, but now with the latest update of Windows 10, they have paid particular attention to color personalization for light colors. Now you people can opt for the desired color mode, including light, dark & custom options.

Advanced Encryption

Advanced encryption provides additional security with BitLocker to protect all types of sensitive data under secure encryption and security management. You will get this fantastic feature in windows 10 pro.

Remote Log-in

Windows 10 pro enables remote login, and with this feature, you can use your system wherever you want. Remote desktop allows you to use windows 10 pro to control other windows edition over the internet.

Client Hyper-V

This feature in windows 10 pro allows you to run the operating system on Windows 10 pro within the desktop environment.  It can be done through third-party software applications as well. It is a built-in virtualization solution, and Hyper-V would be the best solution for detecting compatibility issues with older applications. Do you know what would happen with each revision? It provides real risk when compatibility issues arise.

Microsoft Update for business

Windows 10 professional won’t frustrate you from unexpected windows 10 updates.  Users can select to install patches as soon as possible as Microsoft releases. PC will be updated when you wish to. In windows 10, home patches push to PC to allow you to defer installation for few hours but not for a more extended period. Obviously, this would be an unwanted situation.

Sharing Panel

it’s a capability that allows you to send images or document directly over the Bluetooth or internet. For quickly getting a file from, then it needs to say to nearby desktop. Share panel would display the list of nearby computers, which is capable of receiving sent items.

Apps, Movies & Games

In windows 7, we don’t have any app store, but in windows 10 whatever software you want can be easily installed. App runs in their own sandboxes, and it is much more secure than the old version. Windows 10 pro is more potent for productivity and media apps. App Store is not only for the software programs but gets the movies and TV shows as well. Experience of apps, movies, and games are much better here in windows 10 pro.

Language Packs

We have already seen windows 10 home support language packs, but it doesn’t provide a sperate interface as windows 10 pro does to download and install different language interfaces. It has somehow eradicated the country-specific distributions.

How to know which edition of Windows 10 is right for you?

Let me tell you for home PCs windows 10 home would be good enough to meet the requirements of home users. Home version has Windows Hello, Cortana & universal apps, and much more, but the drawback of this version is its won’t offer complete control, and this is a reason many people do not prefer it. Large enterprises are using windows 10 professionals because of stunning and amazing features such as speed, language packs, apps, movies & games, remote desktop & much more.

What’s the difference between Windows home & Pro Versions?

Windows 10 Home is an upgraded path of windows8/8.1. You won’t any certain premium business features such as Domain Join, Hyper-V, Remote Desktop, Bitlocker Encryption & language packs, but Windows 10 Pro supports advanced capabilities such as multi-processor support to 2 Tbs RAM, Network Backup, Remote desktop & hyper-V. It is a successor of windows 7 professional, windows 7 ultimate, windows 8/8.1 pro.

Final Verdict

Nowadays, windows 10 pro is one of the best editions with all the amazing features that seem worthy of the home environment and for the enterprises. It is very much costly, but upgrades are free. Windows 10 pro becomes more powerful with every update. People who want to use advanced features need to come ahead for this version; otherwise, windows 10 home will suffice for the home users.

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